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Enameled round copper wire

Product series Category Insulation layer Thermal level UL Certification Dimension range (mm) Reference


聚酰胺酰亚胺复合gate.io海外交易平台亚胺 Polyesterimide/Polyamideimide EI/AIW gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/聚酰胺酰亚胺 Polyesterimide/Polyamideimide 200(N) 220(R) E151343 0.200~3.000 IEC 60317-13
EI/AIW-IL gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/聚酰胺酰亚胺/自滑层 Polyesterimide/Polyamideimide/Self Lubricant Layer 200(N) E151343 0.200~3.000 IEC 60317-13
gate.io海外交易平台亚胺 Polyesterimide EIW gate.io海外交易平台亚胺 Polyesterimide 180(H) E151343 0.050~3.000 IEC 60317-8
EIWS 直焊性gate.io海外交易平台亚胺 Solderable Polyesterimide 180(H) --------- 0.050~3.000 IEC 60317-23
EIW-Y gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/聚酰胺 Polyesterimide/Polyamide 180(H) E151343 0.200~3.000 IEC 60317-22
EI/SB gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/黏结层 Polyesterimide/Bonding layer 180(H) E151343 0.200~0.500 IEC 60317-37
EI/SBS 直焊性gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/黏结层 Solderable Polyesterimide/Bonding layer 180(H) E151343 0.200~0.500 IEC 60317-36
EI/AI/SB gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/聚酰胺酰亚胺/黏结层 Polyesterimide/Polyamideimide/Bonding layer 200(N) E151343 0.200~0.500 IEC 60317-38
聚氨酯 Polyurethane UEW 聚氨酯 Polyurethane 130(B) 155(F) E151343 0.050-1.800 IEC 60317-4 IEC 60317-20
UEW-E 聚氨酯/聚酰胺 Polyurethane/Polyamide 155(F) E151343 0.050-1.000 IEC 60317-21
UEW-Y 聚氨酯/聚酰胺 Polyurethane/Polyamide 130(B) E151343 0.050-1.000 IEC 60317-19
UEW/N 聚氨酯/尼龙 Polyurethane/Nylon 155(F) ---------- 0.050-1.000 IEC 60317-21
UE/SB 聚氨酯/黏结层 Polyurethane/Bonding layer 155(F) 180(H) E151343 0.200-0.500 IEC 60317-35
gate.io海外交易平台 Polyester PEW gate.io海外交易平台 Polyester 130(B) 155(F) E151343 0.200-3.000 IEC60317-3/IEC 60317-34
PEW/N gate.io海外交易平台/尼龙 Polyester/Nylon 155(F) E151343 0.150-1.000 客户标准 Customized
耐电晕漆包线 Corona resistant enamel covered wire QP gate.io海外交易平台亚胺/聚酰胺酰亚胺 Polyesterimide/Polyamideimide 200(N) ---------- 0.200-2.000 客户标准 Customized
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